Here you will find a yearly play-by-play of the history of Buck-Tick. For each year there is detailed information on the key events of the year as well as concert chronology on the side, including setlists/photos when known/available. For those wishing to read something a bit shorter, a condensed summary is below.

Condensed summary of the history of B-T!

1962: Toll Yagami (drums) born on August 19 in Gunma (he uses a stage name).

1965: Hisashi Imai (guitar) born on October 21 in Gunma.

1966: Atsushi Sakurai (vocals) born on March 7 in Gunma; Hidehiko "Hide" Hoshino (guitar) born on June 16 in Gunma.

1967: Yutaka "U-ta" Higuchi (bass) born on January 24 in Gunma (Toll's younger brother).

1977: Toll joins a band called Shout.

1978: Toll drops out of high school.

early 1980s: Toll is in a band called Spots, who changed their name to S.P.

1983: Hisashi wants to form a band and spreads the word. The members start to come together: Hisashi on guitar, U-ta on bass, Hide on guitar, Atsushi on drums, Araki on vocals. None of them know how to play, buy used equipment, and begin to learn their assigned instruments. Atsushi takes some drum lessons from Toll and practices at his house.

1984: Hisashi and Atsushi graduate from high school. Hisashi names the band Hinan Go-Go. In the spring they play their first show at an amateur band festival in the area called "Little Rock". They play cover songs until Hide writers their first original song. Hisashi and Araki move to Tokyo. The band's name changes to Buck-Tick.

1985: U-ta and Hide graduate from high school. The band mutually parts with Araki. Atsushi abandons the drums and takes over as vocalist. In October, Toll's band S.P breaks up. Toll hesitantly joins Buck-Tick as drummer. The new lineup plays their first show on December 4 at Shinjuku Jam.

1986: Buck-Tick records a demo and signed to indie label Taiyo Records. They release a single "To-Search" on October 21. A fan club is started and newsletters (entitled "Full Volume") begin to be issued in November.

1987: Taiyo Records releases the album Hurry Up Mode on April 1. It was the first Japanese indie album ever released on CD. "Hurry Up Mode Tour" began in May. Buck-Tick signs with major label Victor/Invitation. Buck-Tick Live at the Live Inn video released on September 21. Their major label album debut Sexual XXXXX! was released on November 21. A book entitled Buck-Tick was released on November 27. Throughout the year they played concerts under the banner "Buck-Tick Genshou". In September, Shaking Hands became the name of their management office and a new fan club was established, "Buck-Tick Club", with the first newsletter published in November.

1988: More Sexual!!!!! video released on February 21. The mini album Romanesque was released on March 21. The "Touhoku Rock Circuit" tour and "Buck-Tick Shock Tour" began in March, (some books split the tour dates that the first part is "Touhoku Rock Circuit" and the latter part is "Buck-Tick Shock Tour"). The band plays at several festivals: "Rock Wave", "kids Alive", "Hokkaido Rock Circuit", "Rock Wave 88", "Pop Rockets 88", "Sound on Wave 1988", "Kirin Sound Together Pop Hill '88", "Lowson Music ING", and "Band Explosion '88". Seventh Heaven album released on June 21. In September the band fly to London to record their next album. While they are there, they play a small gig at the Greyhound on September 21. "Seventh Heaven Tour" began in October. "Just One More Kiss" single released on October 26. It becomes a hit that opens doors for them. Around this time the first custom model Hisashi and Hide guitar models are available for sale through Fernandes. On New Year's Eve, Buck-Tick performed at Nihon Record Taisho, a music awards show broadcast on tv (a very big deal). Hisashi composes songs for the Naoko Nozawa album Tonkichi Chinpei Kanta and the Mika Kaneko album Kick.

1989: Taboo album released on January 18. "Seventh Heaven Tour Final" concerts held in January at the Budokan. Hyper book released on March 7. "Taboo Tour" began in March. Love Me book released on April 4. Sabbat I and Sabbat II live videos released on April 21. On the same day, Hisashi was arrested for possession of LSD, which caused a huge scandal and abruptly ended the supporting tour. The long silence was broken when Buck-Tick played a sold-out show entitled "Buck-Tick Genshou" at Tokyo Dome on December 29 and announced a new album for the following year. Around this time, I believe the first U-ta signature model bass is available for purchase.

1990: "Aku No Hana" single released on January 24. Aku No Hana album released on February 1. Aku No Hana video released on April 1, containing a music video for each song on the album. For the "Aku No Hana Tour" that began in March, the band leaves mainland Japan and plays Okinawa for the first time. Hurry Up Mode (1990 mix) released on February 8. Tenshi No Zawameki ~My Buck-Tick Story~ book released on March 18. Hyp No. 3 book released on June 15. Buck-Tick's music was orchestrated by the Berlin Chamber Orchestra and released on July 21 as Symphonic Buck-Tick in Berlin. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" concerts held in August. "Great Double Booking" concert with Kyosuke Himuro held in October. "5 For Japanese Babies" tour held in December.

1991: "Speed" single released on January 21. Kurutta Taiyo album released on February 21. "Kurutta Taiyo Tour" began in March. "MAD" single and video released on June 5, featuring a re-recorded "Angelic Conversation" as b-side. "Jupiter" single released on October 30. Dance 2 Noise 001 compilation album released on October 21, features a solo song from Hide and a song from Schaft (side project of Hisashi and Maki Fujii of Soft Ballet). Buck-Tick video is released on November 21. Three "Club Quattro Buck-Tick" shows held in November/December. Atsushi and Hisashi make a guest appearance on the Der Zibet album Shishunki II. Atsushi goes through personal conflict and changes as his mother dies, he gets married to the band's stylist and has a child, and he changes his last name's kanji.

1992: Koroshi No Shirabe ~This is NOT Greatest Hits~ album released on March 21, (Buck-Tick's previous songs re-envisioned). "This is NOT Greatest Tour" began in March. Dance 2 Noise 002 compilation album released on March 21, features a collaboration song by Atsushi and Xymox. "Climax Together" shows held in September. Climax Together video released on December 2. BT8992: Buck-Tick's Metamorphosis 1989-1992 book also released on December 2. Hisashi makes a guest appearance on the Soft Ballet album Million Mirrors. Tragedy enters Atsushi's life again as an affair is publicized and he divorces.

1993: "Dress" single released on May 21. Darker Than Darkness --style 93-- album released on June 23. This was possibly the first use of hidden bonus tracks on an album in Japan. "Darker Than Darkness Tour" began in May. "Die" single released on October 21. On New Year's Eve, Buck-Tick plays a show broadcast on television with Soft Ballet, who join them to perform "Iconoclasm".

1994: In June the band travelled to Turkey for a 5 day photoshoot. The band were at a small venue watching live music and it ended up that they played "Speed" live. The "Shapeless" concerts held in July/August. "LSB" shows held in August. Shapeless remix album released on August 24. Shapeless book released on October 5. Schaft release Switchblade album on September 21 and tour. Switch Remix remix album released on October 21. Switchblade Visual Mix video released on December 16. Atsushi and Hide make a guest appearance on the Issay album Flowers.

1995: "Uta" single released on March 24. "Kodo" single released on April 21. Six/Nine album released on May 15. "Somewhere Nowhere 1995 Tour" began in May. Issay joined the band on the last day of the tour. "Mienai Mono Wo Miyou To Suru Gokai    Subete Gokai Da" single released on September 21. Catalogue 1987-1995 compilation album and video released on December 1. Hisashi makes a guest appearance on The Stalin 15 album Shinda Mono Hodo Aishite Yaru Sa.

1996: In February, Buck-Tick ended their relationship with their management company Shaking Hands and formed their own company, Banker, with Toll as president. The fan club also changed from Buck-Tick Club to Fish Tank effective April 1. Around this time an official web site was established. "Candy" single released on May 22. Cosmos album released on June 21. "Tour 1996 Chaos" began in July. "Chaos After Dark Tour" cancelled at the end of the year due to Atsushi's illness. Hisashi makes a guest appearance on the Pig album Sinsation.

1997: Toll held a drum clinic on January 24 in Maebashi. "Tour '97 Red Room 2097" began in March to make up for the tour cancelled at the end of the previous year. Buck-Tick change labels to Mercury/Polygram. "Heroine" single released on November 12. Sexy Stream Liner album released on December 10. "Sextream Liner Reigata (type 0)" concerts held in December. Atsushi and Hisashi make a guest appearance on the Pig album Wrecked. Hisashi and U-ta make a guest appearance on the Hikage album Tribute to The Starclub featuring Hikage. Hisashi makes a guest appearance on the Yukinojo Mori album Tenshi No Ita Wakusei.

1998: "Tour Sextream Liner" began in February. The single "Sasayaki" is released on March 11. The vinyl version of the single is slightly different and is entitled "LTD" as it was a limited release. Sweet Strange Live Disc live album and Sweet Strange Live Film live video released on August 12. Atsushi makes a guest appearance on the Masami Tsuchiya album Mori No Hito ~Forest People~. Hisashi wrote a song for the Guniw Tools album Dazzle.

1999: B-T compilation album released by former label on March 20. "Bran-New Lover" single released on July 14. Buck-Tick opened up for Marilyn Manson on August 8 at Fuji-kyu Highland Conifer Forest. "Energy Void Tour" held in August. "Miu" single released on October 20. Dream Box video released on November 26. Buck-Tick contribute a cover of "Doubt '99" to the Hide (X-Japan) tribute album Hide Tribute Spirits released on May 1. Hisashi makes a guest appearance on the Yukinojo Mori album Poetic Evolution ~with Eleven Guitarists~. Hisashi as part of Schaft remixes a song for Zilch on their remix album Bastard Eyes. He also joined Zilch live in concert for 3 shows. Toll appears on the John Bonham tribute album Super Rock Summit ~Tengoku He No Kaidan~. Toll drums in Tomoyasu Hotei's music video for "Bambina" as well as a television performance of the song. Toll held 3 drum clinics in the summer.

2000: Buck-Tick change labels to BMG/Funhouse. 97BT99 compilation album released by former label on March 29. "Glamorous" single released on September 6. One Life, One Death album released on September 20. "Phantom Tour" began in September and continues in October as "Other Phantom Tour". "Tour One Life, One Death" held in December. U-ta makes a guest appearance on the Shammon album Lorelei.

2001: One Life, One Death Cut Up live album and video released on March 28. It is the first video available on DVD format. "21st Cherry Boy" single released on November 21. Buck-Tick played at the "Soyo Rock Festival 2001" in Seoul, Korea and a Korean Fish Tank fan club is established. The first "The Day In Question" concert was held on December 29. Schwein (side project of Atsushi and Hisashi) released Schweinstein album on May 9 and toured in August. Son of Schweinstein remix album released on September 5.

2002: "Kyokutou Yori Ai Wo Komete" single released on February 20. Words by Buck-Tick book released on March 2. Kyokutou I Love You album released on March 6. Picture Product video released on March 21. "Tour 2002 Warp Days" held in April and "Warp Days After Dark" held in June. All the studio albums released on Victor were reissued as digital remasters on September 19. The first editions of most of the albums included extra tracks. Ikonokrusm book released on September 21. Buck-Tick Tour 2002 Warp Days 20020616 Bay NK Hall live video released on December 4. "The Day In Question" concert held on December 29.

2003: "Zangai" single released on January 8. Mona Lisa Overdrive album released on February 13. Sabbat live videos released as one DVD on March 19. "Tour 2003 Mona Lisa Overdrive" began in March and continues in April as "Tour Here We Go Again!". "Mona Lisa Overdrive -Xanadu-" concerts held in June. Picture Product II video released on June 25. Buck-Tick performs at Summer Sonic festivals in Osaka and Tokyo in August. In September, Buck-Tick opens up for Marilyn Manson. Climax Together live video released on DVD on September 10. Mona Lisa Overdrive -Xanadu- live video released on December 3. "The Day In Question" concerts held at the end of the year.

2004: At the Night Side live album released on April 7; live video released on April 21. "Akuma To Freud -Devil and Freud- Climax Together" concert held on September 11. Akuma To Freud -Devil and Freud- Climax Together live video released on December 22. "The Day In Question" concerts held at the end of the year. Other than that, this was the year of solo/side projects. Atsushi released "Sacrifice" single on May 26 and "Taiji/Smell" double single on July 21. Ai No Wakusei album released on June 23 and played 2 live shows. Longinus short film released on August 25. -Explosion- Ai No Wakusei live video released on December 16. The books Yasou was released on July 14 and Sacrifice on July 20. Lucy (Hisashi side project) release Rockarollica album on June 9 and tour. Lucy Show ~Shout, Speed, Shake Your Rockarollica~ live video released on November 17. Wild Wise Apes (U-ta side project) release 3rd World album on July 28 and play 2 live shows. Toll Yagami releases Toll Yagami & the Blue Sky album. Atsushi announced that he has married again.

2005: Atsushi released another solo project single "Wakusei -Rebirth-" on February 23. "Romance" single released on March 2. Juusankai Wa Gekkou album released on April 6. This is Buck-Tick's first concept album. "13th Floor With Moonshine Tour" began in April. "Dress" was used as the theme song for the cartoon "Trinity Blood". "Dress (Blood Trinity Mix)" single released on April 20. Buck-Tick Tour Guide Book 13th Floor with Moonshine book released on July 30. Lucy played a few shows in October. Catalogue 2005 compilation album released on December 7. "2005 Tour Diana" held in December. Sweet Strange Live Film live video released on DVD as well as 13th Floor With Diana live video released on December 14. Parade ~Respective Tracks of Buck-Tick~ tribute album released on December 21. "The Day In Question" concert held on December 29.

2006: Oral History book released in February. Toll made a guest appearance at an Auto-Mod show on March 9. Lucy released "Bullets -Shooting Super Star-" single on March 29, Rockarollica II album on April 26, and toured. Lucy Show 002 Live at Studio Coast and Lucy Show 002 Live at Unit live videos released on November 1. "Kagerou" single released on August 2. Buck-Tick perform at "Summer Sonic" festival in Osaka and Tokyo in August. Hisashi played with Takagi-cho Missiles at the "Wear Red Shoes vol. 3" event on September 14. Hide and U-ta make a guest appearance on the Fake? album Marilyn is a Bubble. Hide announced that he has married. "The Day In Question" shows were held at the end of the year.

2007: Dropz (Hide side project) released Sweet Oblivion album on April 4. "Rendezvous" single released on June 6. The "Parade Tour" began in June with opening bands from the Parade tribute album. The date for Okinawa was rescheduled due to a typhoon. "Alice in Wonder Underground" single released on August 8. Buck-Tick played the "Rising Sun Rock Festival 2007 in Ezo" on August 17. The Victor digital remaster albums were reissued on September 5 with new packaging--this time they also included the two compilation albums. "Buck-Tick Fest 2007 On Parade" held on September 8--it is the band's very own festival with bands from the Parade tribute album. Tenshi No Revolver album released on September 12. A tour for the album began in September. In December, SoftBank released 3 Buck-Tick themed mobile cell phones as part of their fan fun series.

2008: On January 20, the rescheduled "Parade Tour" date for Okinawa took place. On March 29-April 7, the "Buck-Tick Fair" was held at Shinseido Rock Inn shop. Buck-Tick Fest 2007 On Parade live video released on April 2. Tour 2007 Tenshi No Revolver live video released on May 7. Buck-Tick contribute a cover of Lä-Ppisch's "Hamelin" to the Gen Ueda tribute album Sirius ~Tribute to Ueda Gen~ released on September 24. Toll appeared at a Led Zeppelin event on September 25. On November 3, Lucy played at the "Music and People" event with Suilen and Acid Android. A brief "Fish Tanker's Only" tour was held in November and December. On December 17, the single "Heaven" was released. Three "Day In Question" concerts were held at the end of the year.

2009: On January 14, the single "Galaxy" was released. The album Memento Mori was released on February 18. The supporting tour began in April and a second tour began in September. On June 9, Hisashi posts his first entry on his official blog. The Tour 2009 Memento Mori Pix book was released on September 11. Buck-Tick performed at the "Inazuma Rock Festival" on September 20. U-ta appears on a song on the Tsunematsu Matsui album Horizon ~20th Anniversary~ released on October 21. On December 23, the live video Memento Mori 090702 was released and was the band's first video also available on the Blu-ray format. "The Day In Question" concert was held at the end of the year as usual.

2010: Hisashi breaks his pinky finger on New Year's day but recovers quickly and is able to play guitar with Tomoyasu Hotei on February 18 for the tv show "NHK Songs". Hisashi would join him again later as a guest at Tomoyasu's concert on September 29. U-ta performed at the tribute show for Atsushi Okuno on March 17 called "'All We Need is Okuno ♥' ~Rogue→Future~" at Kouenji Show Boat. On March 20, Atsushi is a surprise guest at an Abingdon Boys School concert. On March 24, the single "Dokudanjou Beauty" was released. Buck-Tick perform at the "Greens 20th Anniversary Live ~Thanks to All!!~ Special 2010" event on August 28. On September 1, the single "Kuchizuke" is released. The song is used as theme music for the cartoon show "Shiki". On October 13, the album Razzle Dazzle was released. The supporting tour began immediately. Hisashi made a guest appearance on the Acid Android mini album Code released on October 27. Der Zibet release the compilation album Kaikoteki Mira ~ Nostalgic Future on November 10, which features self-covers and live versions. Atsushi once again appears on the track "Masquerade". Buck-Tick contribute a cover of Michiro Endo's "Omae No Inu Ni Naru" for the tribute album Romantist ~The Stalin • Endo Michiro tribute~ released on December 1. Buck-Tick performed at the "Rockin' On Presents Countdown Japan 10/11" concert on December 28.

2011: Touring for Razzle Dazzle continued but was interrupted by the Tohoku earthquake/tsunami that struck on March 11. The tour was rescheduled to continue in November. On February 5, the band held their first mobile site members only concert. Buck-Tick performed at the "Music and People Vol. 8" concert on February 20. Atsushi and Hide composed a song for Chiaki Kuriyama's debut album Circus that was released on March 16. On April 6, the live video Tour 2010 Go On the Razzle Dazzle was released. Toll performed with Auto-Mod on July 10. Hisashi appears on a track on Tomoyasu Hotei's album All Time Super Guest that was released on August 17. On September 15, the book Buck-Tick -Since 1985-2011- was released. The band announces that they have created their own label Lingua Sounda and will release new material next year. At the end of the year, Buck-Tick played 4 "Day In Question" concerts.

2012: Two video compilation sets were released on March 7, Catalogue Victor/Mercury 87-99 and Catalogue Ariola 00-10. The single "Elise No Tame Ni", Buck-Tick's first release on their own label Lingua Sounda, is released on May 23. A second single "Miss Take Boku Wa Miss Take" was released on July 4. On the same day, the book Guitar Archives 1987-2012 was released. Another item released on the same day was the second Buck-Tick tribute album, Parade II - Respective Tracks of Buck-Tick. Repeating the past, Buck-Tick embarked on a tour with opening bands from the tribute album, then held a festival with the opening bands, this time though the festival was held over 2 days. Two "At the Night Side 2012" concerts were held in June. Buck-Tick takes a passive approach to reaching non-Japanese fans by appearing on the NHK show "J-Melo" in July. The show is aimed at non-Japanese to showcase Japanese music. Buck-Tick was one of the bands who performed at "Join Alive 2012" on July 21 at Iwamizawa Kouen in Hokkaido. In August, Buck-Tick filmed their first music video with fans in attendance. A special concert to commemorate Toll's 50th birthday is titled "It's a Now!" and held on August 19. In September, Nico Nico held a special collaborative cafe for one week at their headquarters in Harajuku. On September 19, the album Yume Miru Uchuu was released. On the same day, Hide's book Simply Life was released. A supporting tour for Yume Miru Uchuu began in October. Hisashi and Hide release custom model guitars as they often do but this year for the first time, Toll also releases signature snares. Previously he had only released signature drum sticks. On December 26, Blu-ray editions of Buck-Tick Genshou at the Live Inn, Sabbat, and Climax Together were released. Buck-Tick performed at "Rockin' On Presents Countdown Japan 12/13" on December 28.

2013: Toll was a guest performer at Makoto Takahashi's (ex-Boøwy) 59th birthday concert entitled "Rock or Soul Over Drive" on January 6 at Duo Music Exchange. "Tour 2013 Cosmic Dreamer" began in January and ended in March. Buck-Tick played at the final 2 prefectures they have never played at. On February 20, the video Buck-Tick Fest 2012 On Parade was released on DVD and Blu-ray. In March, a commemorative set of Buck-Tick wine was available to order. On March 29, a 25th anniversary commemorative book entitled B-T Data was released. On May 15, the live video Tour Yume Miru Uchuu was released on DVD and Blu-ray. A 25th anniversary commemorative movie, Buck-Tick Genshou, was released in two parts showing for 2 weeks each in theaters. Part 1 opened on June 15 and Part 2 opened on June 22. The movie was well received so the screenings were extended. Yagami Toll & New Blue Sky held two "It's a Now!" concerts to commemorate his 51st birthday. These were held on August 17 in Osaka and August 20 in Tokyo. Buck-Tick did not perform. Buck-Tick performed at "Kishidan Banpaku 2013" on September 14 and at "The Solar Budokan" on September 22. On December 18, the Hide (X Japan) tribute album Hide Tribute VII -Rock Spirits- was released with Hisashi appearing on the track by Yukinojo Mori. At the end of the year, Buck-Tick played 4 "Day In Question" concerts.

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