Supposedly in April 1993, an imaginary band was formed by a group of celebrities, including U-ta. Details are sketchy and only came out in recent years. The group was called the Pork Sautes. It was a concept created and led by Atsushi Okuno (Rogue, Wild Wise Apes) and consisted of U-ta, Takashi Matsuo (DJ, narrator, etc has gone by the stage name Kitsch), Masanobu Katsumura (actor), Kenta Harada (musician, actor), and Kaori Kawamura (singer). Atsushi Okuno was to write the music and Masanobu Katsumura was to write the lyrics based on the concept of a restaurant menu. Later they were also joined by Hiromichi Nakano (fashion designer), Kazuhiko Kanayama (actor), and Miyoko Yoshimoto (actress, pop singer). In total they had 4 vocalists. Kenta Harada played guitar, U-ta played bass, and Maro Sakai played drums. (In September 2006, Masanobu Katsumura posted some details on his blog but the pictures are not clear. He stated that there were 2 gigs and they played 3 songs--first to commemorate his wedding and then 2 weeks later to commemorate Takashi Matsuo's wedding which was held at Blue Note. He states that two of the songs were "We Are Pork Sautes" and "Curry Rice". The third song will be discussed in the history for 1996. They may have played more shows and they also recorded material for a debut CD that never materialized.)

dtd live

On May 20, an extensive tour began for the upcoming album, which had not yet been released. Buck-Tick played a total of 59 shows for the "Darker Than Darkness Tour", the most amount of shows they have ever done for a tour. Since then, they have done significantly shorter tours. The shows for this tour were spread apart a bit more than tours in the past to keep the tour from becoming too gruelling so it continued through November. (Giving them more chances to celebrate after the shows by drinking until noon, I suppose). During the tour, all the members wore the cross-like necklace that was sold as part of the tour merchandise. This little cross-like logo had been in use since the "5 For Japanese Babies" tour and evolved into this new version. (For more details on this and other logos and tour motifs, please see the section on Tours.)

dress group

On May 21, a single from the upcoming album was released. It was entitled "Dress". The band performed the single on "Music Station" on June 4.

Atsushi on sax On June 23, the album Darker Than Darkness -Style 93- was released. It marked a few changes in Buck-Tick's musical style, album packaging (the first time the cover art did not feature a member of the band), and also what might be the first use of hidden "bonus tracks" in Japan. After the first ten tracks, the CD does not stop, but continues on each track for a few seconds until it finally reaches tracks 75 and 84, which feature fuzz and distorted sounds, conjuring an image of receiving a secret transmission. On track 93 is a bonus song. These tracks are not listed in the liner notes. This was a bit strange at the time of it's release and there were reports of some fans returning the CDs to the stores they bought them from, claiming they were defective and demanding a new one. This album was also the first time a member learned a new instrument, (Hide plays piano and synthesizers on this one and during the subsequent tour Atsushi played a little saxophone). The bonus song is entitled "D-T-D" or "Darker Than Darkness", marking a return to Buck-Tick albums having a title track, even if the title wasn't credited in the album's liner notes!

dtd group

On October 21, another single was released, "Die". This single contained two b-sides, both were recorded live. This was the first time Buck-Tick released a single with more than one b-side and the first time they released live material in an audio format as three live videos were already available at this time but no live album had been released. The band performed the single on "Music Station" on November 5. This is the performance where the guitarists decided to reveal the sham of sorts of 'live' music programs on Japan by playing sitars to show that the band's music was actually on tape. Years later when pressed by the fans, Hisashi commented that this wasn't so much on purpose as to more just have fun since they had issues with guitar sounds on the show in the past and decided not to play the guitar live. In fact, if you watch their very first performance on "Music Station" in 1988, you can see that Hisashi is indeed fidgeting with his guitar as the sound is not coming through in the beginning. "Music Station" is hosted by comedian Tamori and a rotating sidekick. Tamori appears to be fascinated with Atsushi and jokes that he has fallen in love just as the band is leaving the interview area to perform.

music station

At the end of the year, there was a special concert broadcast on television with Soft Ballet. For the final song, Soft Ballet joined Buck-Tick to perform "Iconoclasm". During the broadcast, the bands were also interviewed by the hosts of the show. One of the hosts commented that Atsushi's lyrics are like poetry and that's when I had the epiphany that she was correct, that they had truly moved away from using English just for the sake of being cool and the lyrics had a poem's spirit.

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