All sorts of delictables for your enjoyment. Submissions from others encouraged. Share 'em if you got 'em. This page contains: Audio, Endorsements, Flyers, Free Papers, Midi Files, Tab/Lyric Sheets, Video, YouTube Translations.


I'll try to put up "rare" (versions of) songs here. For guest appearances, most are available in the Releases section. (Seemed silly to duplicate it here.)


These are products that have been endorsed by Buck-Tick.


Flyers for various releases that were distributed at record stores.

Free Papers

These were put out not by the fan club but still officially sanctioned as they were free papers at stores to promote upcoming releases.

Midi Files

In alphabetical order

Tab/Lyric Sheets

These are tab/lyric sheets that appeared in various magazines at the time of single/album releases.


I highly recommend searching for videos on YouTube:

Or, if you understand Japanese, search for videos on (registration required) which has some duplicates of the clips on YouTube but unique ones as well (once the clips are playing, you can turn off the user comments from appearing on the video:

YouTube Translations

My crappy youtube interview clip translations. Why? 'Cos posting this in the comments of youtube would be ridiculous. (sometimes videos are removed from their site and if the files are reposted I'll try to update the links)

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