On January 14, "Galaxy", the second single from the new album was released. The artwork featured the band dressed in black with black make-up around their eyes, an opposite mirror of the previous single "Heaven". The b-side was also a track from the upcoming album.

Buck-Tick on tv

The band appeared on the television show "Wednesday J-Pop" on February 11 and performed "Montage". During the interview, they talked about Pork Sautes, U-ta's side project from the 90s, and even played an audio clip. It's interesting to note that Hisashi's expression makes it seem that it was the first he had heard of it.

On February 18, the album Memento Mori was released. On the same day, there was a special concert held at Akasaka Blitz for contest winners of those who purchased the "Heaven" and "Galaxy" singles.

On April 25, Buck-Tick was one of the bands performing at the Arabaki Rock Fest held at Eco Camp Michinoku in Miyagi prefecture. It rained during the festival.

Memento Mori Tour

On April 3, Buck-Tick began the "Tour 2009 Memento Mori" tour for 25 dates. The tour began in Kawaguchi, Saitama and ended in Tokyo on July 2. That last show in Tokyo was recorded and a live video was released at the end of the year. On September 12, they continued the touring of the album with "Tour Memento Mori -Rebirth-" for 14 dates. That tour began in Kanagawa and ended in Okinawa. There were 3 Fish Tank fan club only dates intermixed.

Hisashi blogging Hisashi posts his first entry on his official blog, Hisashi-kki ~ Hisashi Teki Chou Nichijouki, on June 9. Hisashi-kki is a play on the Japanese word for diary, "nikki". The subtitle translates to "Hisashi related chronicles of super everyday memories". He posts about what music he's listening to, photos of Buck-Tick in the studio or at concerts, photos of the sky and flowers, little art things he's purchased, artist/title of songs used as background music at Buck-Tick concerts, etc. (His household also has the most adorable dogs, if you like dogs, that is.)

On July 1, Buck-Tick again appeared on the television show "Wednesday J-Pop".

On September 11, the book Tour 2009 Memento Mori Pix was released, which as the title suggests, contained photos from the Memento Mori Tour in 2009.

Buck-Tick were one of the artists performing at the "Inazuma Rock Festival" on September 20 in Karasuma Hantou Shibafu Hiroba in Kusatsu City, Shiga. This was the first time Buck-Tick have ever performed in Shiga prefecture.

Inazuma Rock Festival

Former bassist of Boøwy Tsunematsu Matsui released the album Horizon ~20th Anniversary~ on October 21. It was to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Tsunematsu going solo. It contained some Boøwy cover songs as well as new song and several guest musicians. U-ta appears during the chorus for "Working Man".

On December 23, the live video Memento Mori 090702 was released. It was also available on Blu-ray, a first for the band.

The annual "The Day In Question" concert was held on December 29 at Nippon Budokan.

DIQ 2009
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