Releases: Solo: Hidehiko Hoshino


Dance 2 Noise 001

artist: Hidehiko Hoshino
album: Dance 2 Noise 001 (booklet image)
song: Jarring Voice
release date: October 21, 1991

lyrics and music by Hoshino; arranged by Hoshino & Kazutoshi Yokoyama
Hide: voice, basic
Kazutoshi: electronics
recorded and mixed by Yasuaki "V" Shidoh
recorded and mixed at Sound Sky Studio
directed by Junichi Tanaka


simply life

Simply Life

release date: September 19, 2012
company: Ongaku To Hito (ISBN 978-4-903979-17-5)
author: Hirofumi Kanemitsu (Ongaku To Hito)
size: A5
pages: 160 (175 including photos and afterward)
initial price: ¥3000
notes: sold exclusively at Tower Records Japan and during Buck-Tick's Fall 2012 tour

contains a compilation of interviews held each year in June (Hide's birthday month) from 2001-2012 that was published in the magazine "Ongaku To Hito" plus exclusive photos

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