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Sweet Oblivion

Sweet Oblivion

release date: April 4, 2007
company: Victor Entertainment, Inc.
formats: cd (VICL-62095/6 with remix album; VICL-62907 album only)
initial price: ¥3675 double disc; ¥3045 single disc
album chart ranking: #71
goodies: ?


  1. The Concept (Ali/Hoshino)
  2. Read My Mind (Ali/Hoshino)
  3. Sweet Oblivion (Ali/Hoshino)
  4. Hamburger Missionary (Ali/Hoshino)
  5. A Snowflake Falling to the Ground (Ali/Hoshino)
  6. You and Me (Ali/Hoshino)
  7. Dream Machine (Ali/Hoshino)
  8. To Watch Me Crawl (Ali/Hoshino)
  9. I Spy (Ali/Hoshino)
  10. Lose the Boy (Ali/Hoshino)

Disc 2: Remix Album

  1. The Concept (Dharma Remix)
  2. Read My Mind (Black Mix)
  3. Sweet Oblivion (Black Mix)
  4. Hamburger Missionary (Naichiz Remix)
  5. A Snowflake Falling to the Ground (Black Savannah Remix)
  6. You and Me (Beef's Teen Tooth Remix)
  7. Dream Machine (Black Mix)
  8. To Watch Me Crawl (Transporter Remix)
  9. I Spy (Terra Incognita Remix)
  10. Lose the Boy (Antidepressant Remix)

For the remixes, Bryan Black remixed "Read My Mind", "Sweet Oblivion", and "Dream Machine". All other remixes by Cube Juice.

Produced by Hidehiko Hoshino
Arranged by Dropz

Additional musician:
Kenji Sato: bass and cello (Hamburger Missionary, A Snowflake Falling to the Ground, Dream Machine, To Watch Me Crawl, I Spy)

recorded & mixed by Yuji Sugiyama
additional engineer: Koniyang (Kurid International)
mastering by Kotaro Kojima (Flair)
recorded at Innig Recording Hostelry
mixed at Burnish Stone

guitar and bass technician: Kazutaka Minemori (Master Tone)

A&R director: Junichi Tanaka (Happy House), Takahiro Chiba (Banker)
artist promoter: Ryoko Horibe (Victor Entertainment, Inc.)
sales planner: Yuji Shimizu (Victor Entertainment, Inc.)
web planner: Mai Sato (Victor Entertainment, Inc.)

artist management:
Hidehiko Hoshino: Takahiro Chiba (Banker)
Cube Juice: Takashi Yamagishi (Innovator)
Kelli Ali: Metso

publishing staff: Taeko Nomura (Circles Music Publishers)
management desk: Mayumi Kaneko (Banker)
information desk: Rumi Ikeda (Banker)

art direction: Tsuyoshi Kusano
photography: Akira Okimura (D-Cord)
visual coordination: Tomoro Watanabe (VDC)

special thanks to: Buck-Tick, Fernandes, Burny, Hoshino's Family, Fish Tank members, Love & Media Portable members & you


No visual mediums were sold but Dropz did have a music video for "To Watch Me Crawl" (animated).

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