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release date: August 24, 1994
company: Victor/Invitation
formats: CD (VIZL-18)
initial price: ¥5000
goodies: a poster may have been included with the first copies sold or promo flats of each member or the flats may have simply been used for advertising (I received the flats but that may have not been the norm)


  1. Jupiter (Silver Moon mix) remixed by Peter Smith and Jon Tye for MLO Productions
  2. D-T-D (Air Liquide mix) remixed by Ingmar Koch (Air Liquide)
  3. In the Glitter PT1 (Gutter mix) remixed by Dominic Woosey of Neutron 9000
  4. Brain, Whisper, Head, Hate is Noise remixed by Richard Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire
  5. Iconoclasm (Don't X Ray Da DAT mix) remixed by Autechre
  6. In the Glitter PT2 (Aphex mix) remixed by Aphex Twin (Richard James)
  7. Killing (Urb mix) remixed by Jon Tye of MLO Productions
  8. Evil Flowers (Neutron 9000 mix) remixed by Dominic Woosey of Neutron 9000
  9. Dress (Spicelab mix) remixed by Oliver Lieb
  10. Hyper Love (Hardfloor remix) remixed by Hardfloor--Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenkar


total conception: Buck-Tick & J. Tanaka
directors: J. Tanaka & Yoshito Kubota
promotors: Naoki Toyoshima & Yoshinari Shimizu
artist management: Hajime Shimokawa; Hitoshi Ojima & Tsutomu Kizawa (Shaking Hands Inc.)
executive producers: Takafumi Muraki & Osamu Takagi
art direction & design: Ken Sakaguchi
location coordinators: George M Cockle & Fatih Cimok
visual coordinator: Masahiro Tomioka
visual supervisor: Inishie Ryu
mastered by Barry Woodward at The Townhouse London
track sequence by Kevin Harris of Cranium H.F.
many thanks to Warp Records for coordinating: Richard James, Richard Kirk and Autechre.
overall coordination: Steve Flood (Sam Corporation U.K.); Lynne Hobday (Sam Corporation U.K.)
thanks also to: (Andrew Beer, David Browne, Gary Stout, Tracii D Sherman, James Brown, Maryke Van Duin, Hiromi Kikukawa, Miriam Gottlieb and) all of the staff of Master Rock Studios for all of the tape copying, fast motorcycles and sample generation.
special thanks to: Hiroishi, Kogure, Ishizuka, Ogiwara, Hamdi Teoman, Norihiro Takahashi, Nikon, M-A-R-S, Jean Paul Gaultier

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