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more sexual!!!!!

More Sexual!!!!!

release date: February 21, 1988
company: Victor/Invitation
formats: VHS (VTM-138; back cover), Beta (VBM-138)
initial price: ¥4500
running time: 30 minutes
goodies: first copies sold may have included these stickers


  1. Opening: Alien Extracting (Nozomu Naka)
  2. Sexual XXXXX!
  3. Dream or Truth
  4. Hyper Love
  5. Empty Girl
  6. Illusion
  7. My Eyes & Your Eyes


all songs arranged by Buck-Tick & Nakayama Tsutomu except "Alien Extracting" by Nozomu Naka

Video Staff
Sexual XXXXX!, Dream or Truth
producer: Kiyoshi Nagaoka
director: Yasumune Muramatsu

Hyper Love, Empty Girl, Illusion
producer: Yasuhide Katsuno
director: Ichiziku Sakurai, Tomomi Iriya

"Out of the Films", My Eyes & Your Eyes
producer & director: Yuko Sakurai, Tomoko Fujikane

art direction & design: Ken Sakaguchi
photograph: Masafumi Sakamoto

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