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Sexual XXXXX!

release date: October 25, 1988
company: Score House (ISBN 4-915591-91-3)
initial price: ¥2060


band score for all songs on the album including vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard if applicable (including tab for guitar and bass)


  1. Empty Girl (Imai/Imai)
  2. Future For Future (Imai/Imai)
  3. Dream or Truth (Imai/Imai)
  4. Do the "I Love You" (Imai/Imai)
  5. Illusion (Sakurai/Imai)
  6. Sexual XXXXX! (Sakurai/Imai)
  7. Sissy Boy (Imai/Imai)
  8. Mis-Cast (Imai/Imai)
  9. Hyper Love (Imai/Imai)
  10. My Eyes & Your Eyes (Imai/Imai)
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