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score book

Koroshi No Shirabe

release date: January 30, 1995
company: Doremi (ISBN 4-8108-3774-2)
initial price: ¥2266


band score for all songs on the album including vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard if applicable (including tab for guitar and bass)
album discography to date and band scores available from publisher


  1. Iconoclasm (Imai/Imai)
  2. Aku No Hana (Sakurai/Imai)
  3. Do the "I Love You" (Imai/Imai)
  4. Victims of Love (Sakurai/Imai)
  5. MAD (Sakurai/Imai)
  6. Oriental Love Story (Sakurai/Imai)
  7. Speed (Sakurai/Imai)
  8. Love Me (Sakurai/Imai)
  9. Jupiter (Sakurai/Hoshino)
  10. ...In Heaven... (Sakurai/Imai)
  11. Moon Light (Sakurai/Imai)
  12. Just One More Kiss (Sakurai/Imai)
  13. Taboo (Sakurai/Imai ~ interlude melody taken from "Taboo" by Lecuona Margarita)
  14. Hyper Love (Imai/Imai)
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