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Hurry Up Mode (1990 Mix)

release date: June 30, 1992
company: Doremi (ISBN 4-8108-3677-0)
initial price: ¥2060


band score for all songs on the album including vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard if applicable (including tab for guitar and bass)
playing tips before each song
album discography to date


  1. Prologue (Imai)
  2. Plastic Syndrome Type II (Imai/Sakurai)
  3. Hurry Up Mode (Imai/Imai)
  4. Telephone Murder (Imai/Imai)
  5. Fly High (Imai/Imai)
  6. One Night Ballet (Imai/Imai)
  7. Moon Light (Sakurai/Imai)
  8. For Dangerous Kids (Imai/Imai)
  9. Romanesque (Imai/Imai)
  10. Secret Reaction (Imai/Imai)
  11. Stay Gold (Imai/Imai)
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