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Son of Schweinstein vinyl

Son of Schweinstein Sampler

release date: ?
company: BMG
formats: 12" vinyl (PTS-3005)
initial price: n/a (promo)
goodies: (limited to 300 copies)


  1. You're My Disease (Ken Ishii Mix)
  2. Organzola
  3. Lard Lips Liquor
  4. Slip (Mekon Mix)

* this release is listed on as a 10" limited to 200 copies. however, and The Complete Pig Discography lists it as a promotional 12" limited to 300 copies.




release date: May 9, 2001
company: BMG Funhouse
formats: cd (BVCP-24003; back cover)
initial price: ¥3059
album chart ranking: #18
goodies: first copies sold came with a sticker; some people may have received these postcards (or maybe they were sold during the tour); also included a booklet where all the lyrics in English and German were translated into Japanese except for the phrase "Spank the Monkey" (hahaha)


  1. You're My Disease (Konietzko, Sakurai, Cifarelli/Konietzko & Cifarelli)
  2. Crown (Watts/Imai)
  3. Spank the Monkey (Watts & Sakurai/Watts)
  4. Lard, Lips, Liquor (Watts, Sakurai, Konietzko/Watts)
  5. Porno (Sakurai/Konietzko & Cifarelli)
  6. Organzola (Watts & Sakurai/Konietzko)
  7. Schwein (Konietzko & Sakurai/Konietzko)
  8. World's Junk (Watts/Imai)
  9. Slip (Watts & Sakurai/Imai)
  10. Fantasia (Watts & Sakurai/Watts)
  11. *My Sanctuary (Watts & Sakurai/Watts)

* bonus track; re-working of Pig song with guest musician Steve White (guitar), recorded at Ranch Apocalypse (London), and engineeered by Gorden Mac at Fortress Studios (London)

guest musicians:
Lucia Cifarelli: vocal
Julian Hodgson: guitar
Chris Ignatiou: guitar
Julian Beeston: additional programming
Kazutoshi Yokoyama: manipulate & additional programming

produced by: Schwein
executive producers: Jack Matsumura (BMG Funhouse, Inc), Isao Nagata (BMG Funhouse, Inc), Yoshikazu Terashima (BMG Funhouse, Inc)
recorded at: Swanyard Studio (London), Bazooka Studio (Tokyo)
mixed at: Bazooka Studio (Tokyo), Magnet Studio (Tokyo), Burnish Stone Recording Studios (Tokyo)
mastered at: Masterdisk (New York)
recording and mixing engineer: Russell Kearney
mastering engineer: Howie Weinberg
assistant engineer: Giles Robinson (Swanyard Studio), Takeshi Matsubara (Bazooka Studio), Hyuga Kashiwai (Magnet Studio), Takanobu Sugiyama (Brains Inc)
director for Atsushi's vocal: Hitoshi Hiruma
guitar technician: Kazutaka Minemori (Master Tone)
A&R/product manager: Death-Rider (BMG Funhouse, Inc.)
artist management: Yoshihiro Hoshina (Blue Noise Ltd.), Takahiro Chiba (Banker)
publishing management: Taeko Nomura (Circles Music Publishers)
management desk: Toshiko Kowzu (Banker)
art direction & design: Kazunori Akita
art coordinator: Kazuyuki Hikita (BMG Funhouse, Inc)
photos: Masa
hair & make up: Takayuki Tanizaki (Fats Berry)
costume styling: Tomoharu Yagi
translator: Mariko Kawahara
coordinator in New York: Yuuko Honda (Fourth Dimension Productions)
special thanks: Fernandes, Burny, Heavy Moon, Bob Hunt at Emagic, Dr. Ieyasu Akagi, Shigeo Azami, Yasuhide Okuyama (Bazooka Studio), Rieko Furukawa (Magnet Studio), Norihiko Eshita (Burnish Stone Recording Studio), Naoto Echizen (Rockdom inc.), Louise, Oscar, Luke, Shawn Harvey, Asaki, Katsushige Okazaki, Hayato Mizuta (Brain Drive), Toll Yagami, Hidehiko Hoshino, Yutaka Higuchi

Son of Schweinstein

Son of Schweinstein

release date: September 5, 2001
company: BMG
formats: cd (BVCP-21213)
initial price: ¥2548
album chart ranking: #46
goodies: cd is enhanced with the music video for "You're My Disease"; first copies sold came with a postcard to enter a contest where 5 would win a Schwein model guitar with built-in amp (contest ended September 30, 2001)


  1. You're My Disease (Ken Ishii Mix) rejmixed by Ken Ishii
  2. Organzola (Main Mix) remixed by Charlie Clouser
  3. Lard, Lips, Liquor (Shadows) remixed by Hisashi Imai & Kazutoshi Yokoyama
  4. Fantasia (Kosh & Carry Pig Mix) remixed by Raymond Watts
  5. Porno (Strip Down Dub) remixed by haloblack
  6. Spank the Monkey (Can't Save Shant Save Mix) remixed by One True Parker
  7. World's Junk (R.K. Mix) remixed by Russell Kearney
  8. Slip (Mekon Mix) remixed by Mekon
  9. Organzola (Dub Mix) remixed by Charlie Clouser

management: Banker, Blue Noise
A&R: Death-Rider (BMG Funhouse)
remix coordinator: Yoshihiro Hoshina (Blue Noise Ltd.), Masakazu Hiroishi
drawing artist: Kyotaro
art direction & design: Sakaguchi Ken Factory
design coordinator: Kauyuki Hikita (BMG Funhouse)
mastering engineer: Yuka Koizumi (Orange)


No visual mediums were sold in stores but Schwein did film a music video for "You're My Disease" and at least one concert was broadcast on Japanese cable television.

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