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Dance 2 Noise 001


album: Dance 2 Noise 001 (booklet image)
release date: October 21, 1991
song: Nicht-Titel*

credits: song and arrangement by Imai and Maki
Hisashi: guitar
Maki: electric devices, metal
recorded and mixed by Yuuji Sugiyama
recorded and mixed at Key Stone Sound Sky Studio
directed by Junichi Tanaka

*collaborating for this song is how Schaft began


Visual Cortex vinyl

Visual Cortex

release date: ?
company: Victor Entertainment, Inc.
formats: vinyl (SLP-67)
initial price: n/a (promo)
goodies: (limited to 100 or 200 copies)


  1. Visual Cortex (The Reload Re-Definition)
  2. Merry Christmas On Mars
  3. SKF10047
  4. Cold Light (Nicht Regelrecht)

*this release is listed on as a 10" limited to 200 copies. however, lists it as a promotional 12" limited to 100 copies. this is unlikely to have been a prize for a contest as the Switch Remix contest was for 500 to win a Schaft 12" vinyl.




release date: September 21, 1994
company: Victor Entertainment, Inc.
formats: cd (VICL-567)
initial price: ¥3000
album chart ranking: #12
goodies: first copies sold came with this poster


  1. Olive (Fujii/Fujii/mixed by Coil: John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Drew McDowall with Danny Hyde)
  2. The HERO INside (Imai & Watts/Imai & Watts/mixed by John Fryer)
  3. Thirsty Fly (Watts/Watts/mixed by Watts)
  4. SKF10047 (Fujii/mixed by Autechre)
  5. Nothing (Watts/Imai & Watts/mixed by Watts)
  6. Slice (Watts/Imai & Watts/mixed by Watts)
  7. Broken English (Faithful, Raynolds, Mavety, York, Stannard/Fujii & Oshima/mixed by John Fryer)
  8. Merry Christmas On Mars (Imai/mixed by Sugar J)
  9. Information (Stephens/Fujii & Stephens/mixed by Meat Beat Manifesto)
  10. Visual Cortex (Bramson/Imai/mixed by Coil: John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Drew McDowall with Danny Hyde)
  11. Fetid Air (Watts/Watts/mixed by Watts)
  12. Arbor Vitate (Watts/Fujii & Watts/mixed by John Fryer)
  13. Cold Light (Watts/Imai & Watts/mixed by Keith Le Blanc)

Hisashi Imai: guitars; vocal on "The Hero Inside"; noises
Maki Fujii: electric devices; computer programming; acoustic piano; noises

guest musician:
Raymond Watts (of Pig): computer programming; guitars; noises; vocals on "The Hero Inside", "Thirsty Fly", "Nothing", "Slice", "Fetid Air", "Arbor Vitate", "Cold Light"

additional musicians:
Susanne Bramson: vocal on "Visual Cortex"
Julianne Regan: vocal on "Broken English"
Jonny Stephens: vocal on "Information"
Lynne Hobday: spoken words on "Olive"
Steve White: guitar on "Nothing"
Cra¥ (The Mad Capsule Market's): bass on "The Hero Inside" and "Arbor Vitate"
Morota Koh (Doom): bass on "Information"
Keith Le Blanc: drums on "Thirsty Fly" and "Fetid Air"
Motokatsu (The Mad Capsule Market's): drums on "Arbor Vitate"
Seiichi Teratani: drums on "The Hero Inside"
DJ Peah: scratch on "Information"
Michiru Oshima: orchestral arrangement on "Broken English"
Kazutoshi Yokoyama: manipulate assist on "The Hero Inside", "Slice", "Merry Christmas On Mars"

produced by Schaft: Hisashi Imai & Maki Fujii (with Raymond Watts)
executive producers: Takafumi Muraki (Victor Invitaion), Takagi Osamu (Shaking Hands Inc.), Hisashi Sasaki (B-Project)
recording engineeer: Yuji Sugiyama
additional engineer: Hideaki Okuhara, Hitoshi Hiruma, Konyang, Helen Woodward, Dillion Gallagher, John Mallison, John Smith
recording studios: Victor Aoyama Studio, Inning Recording Hostelry, Master Rock Studios (UK), Ranch Apocalypse (UK), Matrix Recording Studios (UK), Livingston Studios (UK)
directors: J. Tanaka, Yoshito Kubota
UK co-ordination: Sam Corporation UK Ltd. (Steve Flood, Lynne Hobday), Blue Noise Ltd. (Yoshihiro Hoshina)

Switch Remix

Switch Remix

release date: October 21, 1994
company: Victor Entertainment, Inc.
formats: cd (VICL-5261)
initial price: ¥2500
album chart ranking: #67
goodies: first copies sold came with 3 transparencies (Hisashi, Maki, Raymond, placed together); also came with a postcard to enter a contest where 500 would win a Schaft 12" vinyl and 200 would win a metallic sticker


  1. Arbor Vitate Tilt Mix remixed by Dillon Gallagher
  2. Cold Light Nicht Regelrecht remixed by Fujii
  3. Nothing Personal remixed by Watts
  4. SKF10047 Life in Net Mix remixed by Logic Freaks
  5. Visual Cortex the Reload Re-definition remixed by Reload: Tom Dilleton (Evolution music), Mark Pritchard (MCA Music)
  6. Information disinFORMation remixed by Meat Beat Manifesto (words, vocal & additional production by Johnny Stephens)
  7. Cold Light Keim remixed by Fujii


Switchblade Visual Mix

Switchblade Visual Mix

release date: December 16, 1994
company: Victor/Invitation
formats: vhs (VIVL-139)
running time: 63 minutes
initial price: ¥4800
goodies: came with a booklet


  1. Olive (Skin Deep)
  2. SKF10047 (Dope)
  3. Information
  4. Merry Christmas On Mars (By-Roduct)
  5. Slice
  6. Fetid Air
  7. Thirsty Fly (Condense)
  8. The Hero Inside
  9. Nothing
  10. Arobor Vitate (Tilt Mix)
  11. Cold Light (Keim)

*"Olive" through "Merry Christmas On Mars" are instrumentals or vocals on tape. Raymond Watts doesn't make his appearance until "Slice".

art direction/package & logo design/image manipulation: The Designers Republic
live photography: Mikio Ariga
original photography: 'Lord' Peter Ashworth
design production co-ordination: Cross World Connections Ltd (Sarah Phillips/London; Junko Wong, Keiko Hidaka/Tokyo)
visual co-ordination: Yuichiro Soshi

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