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Hyp No. 3

release date: June 15, 1990
company: Fool's Mate
author/presented by: Hideaki Utsumi (Fool's Mate Inc.)
size: A4
pages: 120
initial price: ¥1250
goodies: 2 pullout posters included (but I wouldn't pull them out); there was a contest to win a poster, stadium jacket, or B-T member personal jewelry


members commentary on discography
musical influences
costume photos
band member profiles
band history chronological timeline


cooperation: Victor Musical Industries, Inc. and Shaking Hands, Inc.
photographs: Kenji Matsubara, Kenji Kubo, Saori Tsuji, and Yosuke Komatsu
art direction: Anthony Lee and Tomoyo Tanaka, Karath Razar
type-seting for head lines: Yukihiro Takahashi, Seisakusha
thanks to: Yuki Asada, Zero Enomoto, Sanae Watanabe, and Takami Suzuki

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