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Hurry Up Mode (1990 mix)

Hurry Up Mode (1990 mix)

release date: February 8, 1990
company: Victor/Invitation
formats: cassette (VITL-3), CD (VICL-3)
initial price: ¥3000
goodies: first copies of the CD sold were in a limited edition packaging that included an extra booklet of photos

digital remaster info: September 19, 2002 (VICL-60965; cover image) for ¥2415 (first copies sold included sticker)

remaster reissue info: September 5, 2007 (VICL-62545 for ¥2520)


  1. Prologue (Imai/Sakurai)
  2. Plastic Syndrome Type II (Imai/Sakurai)
  3. Hurry Up Mode (Imai/Imai)
  4. Telephone Murder (Imai/Imai)
  5. Fly High (Imai/Imai)
  6. One Night Ballet (Imai/Imai)
  7. Moon Light (Sakurai/Imai)
  8. For Dangerous Kids (Imai/Imai)
  9. Romanesque (Imai/Imai)
  10. Secret Reaction (Imai/Imai)
  11. Stay Gold (Imai/Imai)

2002 digital remaster first pressing extra tracks:


Atsushi Sakurai: vocal
Hisashi Imai: guitar
Hidehiko Hoshino: guitar
Yutaka Higuchi: bass
Toll Yagami: drums

additional musicians:
not credited (there is extremely noticeable piano in "One Night Ballet" and subtle keyboards in other songs)

credits from the original 1987 Taiyo Records release:
chorus: Kosuzu Yokomachi & Mariko Ohhira
pinao: Hiromi Kokubu
narration: Stephen Leist (translated by Celia E. Farnon)

recording engineer: Masayuki Minato & Nishimura
recorded at Yamaha Hiyoshi Center Studio 1987
re-mix engineer: Shuuji Yamaguchi
re-mixed at Sound Sky 1989
director: Junichi Tanaka (Victor/Invitation)
management office: Shake Hands Ink. [sic]
art director: Ken Sakaguchi
photograph: Mamoru Tsukada
special thanks: Kazuo Sawaki

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