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Catalogue 1987-1995

release date: December 1, 1995
company: Victor/Invitation
formats: CD (VICL-715)
initial price: ¥3000
goodies: a set of stickers were included with the first copies sold; some people may have received this poster

remaster reissue info: September 5, 2007 (VICL-62551 for ¥2520)


  1. Just One More Kiss (Sakurai/Imai)
  2. Aku No Hana (Sakurai/Imai)
  3. Speed (Sakurai/Imai)
  4. MAD (Sakurai/Imai)
  5. Jupiter (Sakurai/Hoshino)
  6. Dress (Sakurai/Hoshino)
  7. Die (Sakurai/Imai)
  8. Uta (Sakurai/Imai)
  9. Kodo (Sakurai/Imai)
  10. Mienai Mono Wo Miyou To Suru Gokai    Subete Gokai Da (Sakurai/Imai)

digital remaster extra track:


none given in the album itself, however from previous releases we know that...

Atsushi Sakurai: vocals
Hisashi Imai: guitars
Hidehiko Hoshino: guitars, keyboards
Yutaka Higuchi: bass
Toll Yagami: drums, percussion

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